Who We Are


First named “Shaheen Gliding Club”, the company was founded in April 2010, with an initial aim to promote Paragliding sport in Pakistan. Soon Hang Gliding, Para Motoring and Power Gliding were also added to the list of Air Adventures. These sports were made accessible to general public on economical note within a short span and the then prevailing myth “Gliding is for Elite Class only” was successfully shattered. For a short period, company was renamed as SAAP Pvt Ltd but in 2015 was finally given name of “Shaheen Adventures Pakistan”. In 2012, in the light of CEO’s vision, efforts were launched to develop Khanpur Lake as an adventurous spot and in 2013, water sports were introduced that started attracting large number of adventure enthusiasts and tourists. In 2016, Shaheen Archery, an affiliate was founded at Islamabad that marked the beginning of promotion of archery in the country. In 2017, for first time in the history, parasailing was conducted at Darwaza Dam Haripur and was later shifted to Khanpur Lake in 2019. In 2018, a Base Camp was established in Margalla Hills at Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad, where first zipline facility of Islamabad was developed. In 2019, another thrilling zipline facility was developed at Rawalakot, first of its kind in Kashmir. And today, we can proudly look back to our 11 years long journey full of challenges, commitments and achievements. Till date, thousands of individuals from all age groups and belonging to various walks of life have realized their adventure dreams with us. We are fully determined to continue serving our customers with the highest standards of quality, thrill and safety in the field of outdoor adventure sports.”



Major Sajid Hussain Shah is 3rd generation soldier with 19 years of outstanding military career. He is Masters in Science & Art of Warfare from University of Baluchistan and Masters in Business Administration from Iqra University. He is qualified safety & security expert from Center of Safety & Development Netherlands. He is internationally certified archery coach from Korea. He is master trainer in designing and conduct of corporate team building events. He is diehard adventurer and expert trainer in shooting, survival and mountaineering. At present, he is providing strategic steer to Shaheen adventures and all its affiliates.


  • To consistently introduce new adventures in Pakistan, in line with the latest global trends.
  • To promote culture of outdoors adventurous sports in the country, involving youth in specific.
  • To develop base camps at all major tourist spots in the country.
  • To engage parents for encouraging their kids to join in adventure sports.
  • To identify the raw talent and train them under competitive environment for national and international level competitions in sports like paragliding, shooting etc.
  • To encourage and facilitate females to participate in outdoors activities.
  • To promote adventure tourism in the country and to send a strong message of peace at international level.


To instill an enduring adventurous spirit amongst the youth through outdoor sports exposure and to ensure the highest standards of mental and physical fitness to face future challenges most effectively.


While remaining focused on our Vision, in the process promote an awareness and appreciation for the outdoor world, and become the most wanted brand of adventure sports by 2023.