Shaheen Adventures conducts paragliding sessions for Beginners daily in Haripur District. The venue is easily accessible via Hazara Motorway. Session starts at 08:00 AM to avail best wind conditions. Take-off height is at 400 feet. There is an easy level hike of 10 minutes from car park to take-off point. In good wind, it takes 02 to 03 hours to complete session. Minimum age for solo paragliding is 14  and both males and females are eligible.

Training Module

On your arrival at venue, our team orientates you with paragliding equipment. They will brief you about local weather conditions and safety precautions. The training starts on ground where you will be facilitated in handling the canopy, practising all controls that are applicable during actual flight. After qualifying ground training, you will hike to take off point and will take your first solo flight. We use radios to be in communication with you after you are airborne.


You can wear casual dress preferably with full sleeves shirt. Your shoes must have thick soles and high ankled would be best. Must carry drinking water with you along with juices and snacks. Area is devoid of shade so should carry sun umbrella, sun cap, glasses and sunblock cream. There is no washroom facility at the venue. To book your seats, you are required to submit online Booking Form at least 24 hours advance with 100% advance payment in our bank account.

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