About Us


Message of CEO

“Welcome to Shaheen Adventures; where limits are challenged. The trade philosphy is to deliver wholehearted satisfaction and exceptional services to adventurous individuals. I urge all my countrymen, especially youth, to step forward and realise your potentials through adventure sports. Doing so, you will be dynamically shaping up your personality and in turn contributing positivity in society.”

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History of the Company

First named “Shaheen Gliding Club”, the company was founded in April 2010, with an initial aim to provide adventure sports including paragliding, hang gliding, para motoring and power gliding in the country. These sports were made accessible and economical to general public within a short span and the then prevailing myth “Gliding is only for Elite Class” was successfully shattered. The company was renamed “Shaheen Adventures Pakistan” in 2012 and efforts were launched to introduce water sports and ground adventures at Khanpur Lake.In 2013, Lake View Resort Khanpur Lake was opened for public, which started attracting large number of adventure enthusiasts and tourists. In 2014, a shooting arena was built at Lake View Resort and with this, Shaheen Adventures Pakistan became the only club, offering 25 different various sports under one roof. At the present, our operational bases are located in Khanpur Lake, Margalla Hills and Murree Hills. Today, we can proudly look back to our 07 years long journey full of challenges, commitment and achievements. Till date, thousands of individuals from all age groups and belonging to different walks of life have realized their adventure dreams with us. We are fully determined to continue serving our customers with the highesty standards of quality, thrill and safety in the field of outdoor adventure sports.”

Logo Background

The Eagle or Shaheen is fiery, majestic, vigorous and aggressive, whose kingdom is the boundless and never-ending sky and who is ambitious, passionate and fearless. Our logo stands for an outfit who is ready to accept any kind of challenge when it comes to introduction , promotion and execution of adventure sports in Pakistan. The green colour in the logo depicts our national colour and it marks our spirit to contribute towards nation building process.



To instill an enduring adventurous spirit amongst the youth through extreme sports exposure and to ensure the highest standards of mental and physical fitness to face future challenges most effectively.


While remaining focused on our Vision, in the process promote an awareness and appreciation for the outdoor world, and become the most wanted brand of adventure sports.

The Adventurous Team

Maj. Sajid Hussain Shah

Major Sajid is a 3rd generation soldier, with 20 years long outstanding military career. He is a diehard adventurer, corporate team builder and certified archery coach. Presently, he is providing strategic steer to his outfit.

Zarfishan Syeda
Business Development Manager

Ms. Zarfishan is an experienced Business Development and Digital Marketing Professional in content marketing, International business and Client Relationship Management.

Zuhaib Mughal
Graphic Designer

Mr. Zuhaib is a passionate Graphic Designer. His work is rooted in research, observation and open dialogue. He delightfuly finds imaginative solutions for complex problems.With knowledge of the latest trends, he is providing excellent design services.

Sidrah Ramzan
Web Developer

Ms. Sidrah is a graduate of Computer Science. She has working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and C#. She also holds an extensive experience of technology based research and development.

Imran Dawood
Marketing Officer

Mr. Imran is a highly competent marketing professional. He directs several phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including data mining and acquisition strategies.

Muhammad Shabir
Chief Instructor

With 15 years experience, Mr. Shabir, presently leads the training team. He is certified from Pakistan Army as Master Trainer of Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Parasailing. He is also an expert in Mountain Sports.