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Who We Are !

Shaheen Adventures has been consistently promoting adventure sports in Pakistan since 2010, keeping its quality and safety standards exceptionally high. From air adventures to water sports and from mountain adventures to safari tours, it offers a unique and diversified platform for adventure enthusiasts. With its facilities permanently in place at various localities, it is catering for the outdoors needs of adventurers, tourists and corporate in the most professional manner. This way it is significantly contributing to the promotion of adventure tourism in the country when such efforts are the need of time. Having been in the leadership role of adventure industry for a decade, Shaheen Adventures has now embarked upon taking adventure sports to next level as per the expectations of its valuable members and fans.

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Becoming our worthy member is akin to developing next level intimacy in the relationship. We always go out of our way to facilitate our members through priority handling, exclusive deals and 24/7 support. We assure that your stay with Shaheen Adventures is the most rewarding.

Hot Deals !


PKR 4000

Khanpur Lake

1- Designed for beginners
2- Minimum age is 14 years
3- Reporting Time is 07:30 AM
4- No weight limit
5- Ground training & 01 solo flight
6- Additional flight @PKR 1000
7- Conducted daily
8- Advance booking only


PKR 3500

Khanpur Lake

1- Minimum age is 08 years
2- Equally good for non-swimmers
3- No training is required
4- No weight limit
5- Timings 7 AM to 5 PM
6- Conducted daily
7- Advance booking only

Khanpur Lake Safari

PKR 40000


1- Custom safari tour on choice date
2- Total 09 seats
3- Breakfast, lunch, evening tea
4- Safari cruise over Margalla Hills
5- Time with animals
6- Nature exploration
7- Jet skiing, speed boating, sofa tubing
8- Action photography and music
9- Advance booking only

Why Shaheen Adventures !

Safety Comes First

We have stringent safety measures in place for all activities and these are reviewed and upgraded periodically. Be assured that you are in safe hands.

Professional Trainers

Our trainers are professionally competent and richly experienced in respective categories of adventures. You will find them cool and composed.

Quality Equipment

We use equipment / gear from world’s best manufacturers and with this ensure not only safety but also the quality of our services. And we keep it well maintained.

Customer First Approach

Right from planning to execution phase, we take best care of customers’ requirements and expectations. We take pride in being called Home of Adventures.

Shaheen Adventures Luxury Compound

Shaheen Adventures Luxury Compound (SALC) is located on the Northern edge of Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad, surrounded by scenic Margalla Hills that adds to its mesmerising beauty. A blend of traditional and modern hospitality with an adventurous touch makes it perfect choice for family and corporate events.


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